Drake – Scorpion (2018)

Genre – Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul
Quality – MP3, 320kbps CBR

Side A:
1. Survival
2. Nonstop
3. Elevate
4. Emotionless
5. God’s Plan
6. I’m Upset
7. 8 out of 10
8. Mob Ties
9. Can’t Take a Joke
10. Sandra’s Rose
11. Talk Up (feat. Jay-Z)
12. Is There More

Side B:
1. Peak
2. Summer Games
3. Jaded
4. Nice for What
5. Finese
6. Ratchet Happy Birthday
7. That’s How You Feel
8. Blue Tint
9. In My Feelings
10. Don’t Matter to Me (feat. Michael Jackson)
11. After Dark (feat. Static Major & Ty Dolla $ign)
12. Final Fantasy
13. March 14th



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  1. author

    Phantomanthem201711 months ago

    just finished it definitely didn’t disappoint

    Can’t Take A Joke is lit af!!

  2. author

    drownwithmatt11 months ago

    Really liked the B-Side a lot, not meaning the first half was bad but album as a whole is a bit underwhelming compared to his last few projects. Just my honest opinion.

    • author

      Dwesk11 months ago

      Dude, I listened to like 3 songs on the A-Side, it was fucking whack, started skipping around, completely unimpressed, as usual with his more “hiphop” tracks, then B-Side opens with Peak and my attention is instantly grabbed. Drake REALLY needs to just focus on this type ambient RnB bullshit because that’s the only stuff that works for me personally. I do like Nice For What a lot but that’s also from the B-Side.

      • author

        drownwithmatt11 months ago

        For real though. I just went back, skimmed through it quickly and definitely, you scrap the A-Side entirely then you got yourself a decent R&B summer jam.

  3. author

    BERO11 months ago

    “feat. Michael Jackson” oh shit I though dude’s dead

    • author

      Anonymous11 months ago


  4. author

    Jak11 months ago

    Side A was infinite times better than Side B. I liked every single song on Side A which is rare for Drake. However Side B made me lose interest very quickly, nothing was “whack” about Side A whatsoever lol if anything it’s probably his best work rap wise.

  5. author

    lovedontlivehere10 months ago

    Thank god I didn’t have to pay for the A-Side. It’s funny the last song is “Is There More?” because that’s how I felt when I finished it, like “Is there more that is actually good?”


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